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Oct 25, 2017
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Tools, Seats, Pedals, HR Monitor

Not only does Krislynn Cycle & Fitness offer wide selection of repair and replacement parts like seats, brake pads, bottom brackets, wedge pins, gel covers, flywheels and even whole bike frames for the most popular indoor cycling bikes in the industry, Krislynn also sells the very best indoor cycling bikes at a very reasonable price.  If you are looking for parts to repair your Bowflex Gym or Park Tools to repair your exercise bike, look no further!

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Are you looking to fix up your bike or replace old tools? Krislynn carries a great line of indoor cycling tools, from the Park Tool Company. We also carry lubricants and polishes to protect your Spinning® bike and lubricate your indoor cycling chains, sprockets, and other moving parts. Try our high quality bike seats, pedals and indoor cycling gel seat covers. They are engineered for the high demands of a commercial cycling environment. These items are also great for Schwinn Indoor Cycles, Lemond Exercise Bikes, and even Schwinn Airdynes.

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