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Schwinn Airdyne

Schwinn created the ultimate exercise machine, when they put the Schwinn Airdyne Exercise bike on the market in the late 1970's. It has since become the most common form of fitness as far as exercise bikes. The Airdyne has no resistance parts, and gets all its resistance from air.

These bikes have been around since the late 70's and since that time replacement parts have remained basically the same. They still use wedge pins in the crank arms, and a two crank system with a left and right eccentric arm. The grips have remained the same as well as the connecting arms, pivot bolts and lever arms.

We carry all the airdyne parts you will need to maintain and fix your Schwinn model AD-2, and AD-6 Airdyne Exerciser. Since 2014 They have come out with several newer models, the AD-6, the Airdyne 2 and AD Pro all of which we carry parts for.

We not only carry repair items for exercisers but we know how to fix them and have available the nuts, lockwashers and oilite bearings, and chains you will need when you repair your equipment. Please feel free to call us at +1 (410) 859-3538

Belts and Bearings

All exercise equipment, no matter the type, brand, or model, experiences wear and tear over. Over time, common friction points like belts and bearings must be maintained and/or replaced. Krislynn Cycle & Fitness carries a full line of OEM and high-quality non-OEM replacement belts and bearings for a huge assortment of exercisers including treadmills, step-climbers, step mills, airdynes, exercise bikes, Boflex machines, and ellipticals from all the major brands including Schwinn, Nautilus, Star Trac, Keiser, NordicTrac, ProForm, Vision Fitness and Life Fitness. If you don’t’ see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call 410-859-3538. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you find the exact part you need!

Below are listed a wide assortment of high-quality and OEM belts and bearings for your home home exercise equipment! The following are informative self-help videos from Krislynn in answer to our most commonly asked questions!

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Belts and Bearings