Airdyne Main Frame Parts


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Oct 25, 2017
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Airdyne Main Frame Parts

Based on the principle that wind resistance is exponential (so the harder you pedal, the higher the resistance becomes), Schwinn developed the Airdyne. The AD features a smooth, air-based resistance braking system along with a pair of sturdy exercise arms for a full body workout. Krislynn Cycle and Fitness is the premier provider of Schwinn Airdyne repair parts in the country. We have it all! So, no matter whether you need a book stand, console, gel seat, iolite flange bearing, clevis pin, seat knob, fan cover, replacement seat, or even a custom windscreen, you can upgrade your Airdyne today!

All items except windscreens are original manufacturer's parts.

Krislynn provides the diagram below for your convenience. A complete table of available parts is directly below the diagram. Numbers next to the name of each part correspond to the numbers in the diagram.

Airdyne Main Frame Parts There are 30 products.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 30 items