Indoor Cycling Bikes


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I like working with an experienced person who knows their business.
Oct 25, 2017
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Indoor Cycling Bikes

For those people who need to get their cardio in on an ever tightening schedule, the solution is to move the gym home. And, the best place to start is by choosing from Krislynn Cycle and Fitness’s excellent selection of quality indoor cycling and exercise bikes. We stock the most popular models including the Fitnex Aristo and Fitnex X-series bikes and the venerable Schwinn Airdyne, Schwinn IC Pro and Schwinn AC exercise bikes. Remember, not only does Krislynn sell exercise bikes but we also offer install and repair services available to those in the greater Baltimore – Washington region. Feel free to call! We are always willing to answer questions. Need a spare, or replacement part for your indoor cycling bike? We have everything you would need to repair your bike, and our customer service staff is experienced and knowledgeable.

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