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Schwinn Airdyne

Schwinn created the ultimate exercise machine, when they put the Schwinn Airdyne Exercise bike on the market in the late 1970's. It has since become the most common form of fitness as far as exercise bikes. The Airdyne has no resistance parts, and gets all its resistance from air.

These bikes have been around since the late 70's and since that time replacement parts have remained basically the same. They still use wedge pins in the crank arms, and a two crank system with a left and right eccentric arm. The grips have remained the same as well as the connecting arms, pivot bolts and lever arms.

We carry all the airdyne parts you will need to maintain and fix your Schwinn model AD-2, and AD-6 Airdyne Exerciser. Since 2014 They have come out with several newer models, the AD-6, the Airdyne 2 and AD Pro all of which we carry parts for.

We not only carry repair items for exercisers but we know how to fix them and have available the nuts, lockwashers and oilite bearings, and chains you will need when you repair your equipment. Please feel free to call us at +1 (410) 859-3538

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Park Tools

Park Tools

Whether you are training for the Tour De France or just a casual rider, make sure you are prepared, get your Park Tool TODAY! Since 1963, Park Tool Company has been manufacturing the very best in high-quality bike tool and repair equipment and their name is a byword for bicycle enthusiasts everywhere. Krislynn Cycle and Fitness is proud to offer the entire line of Park Tools, Tool Sets, Chain Breakers, Sprocket Removers, Thread Cleaning Taps, Pumps, Freewheel Removers, Saws, Hammers, Wrenches, spin bike tools, Pins, Cleaners, Stands, Benches… (you name it!) at the most reasonable prices. If there is a particular tool or model you are not seeing, please do not hesitate to call 410-859-3538, and let our knowledgeable staff hook you up with the right tool in record time!

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Park Tool's vision was formed by more than 40 long years of expertise within the bicycle industry, starting with retail bicycle shops. They discovered all the shifting requirements of professional bike maintenance and repair. Park Tool Company has been constantly developing and refining cycle maintenance equipment and bicycle tools to further improve the services and effectiveness of all bicycle mechanics, specialist and enthusiast.

If you are planning to keep your bike running correctly, you are going to require good spin bike tools. The good news is, Park Tool understands a few things about producing high quality products. They've created a specialized tool for almost any bicycle repair you can think of. Their equipment is simple to operate and made to last, so you don't have to ever replace them. Take a look at our extensive selection from Park Tool.

It seems like almost everything was less complicated in 1956 when Park Tool was founded, and bicycles weren't any different. A typical day's maintenance comprised of some flat tires, a damaged spoke and perhaps a coaster braking mechanism overhaul. When the 1960's came around, so would caliper braking systems, advanced shifting devices, and light-weight components. One particular dilemma appeared together with these complex new components, tool available! Howard and partner Art, had been "hands on" people, generally foreseeing problems out on their own. Each had been up to the task as they quite simply solved their very own problems. Many of the early models were constructed from scratch with any pieces and scraps they are able to come by.

Among the first time-savers they developed would be a stand that kept the bicycle off the floor making it possible for effortless, back saving accessibility to any section of the bicycle. This initial bike repair stand was assembled utilizing legs coming from a dinner table, a bare shell casing along with a pickup truck axle coming from a 37 Ford. As other merchants, and ultimately Schwinn Cycle Company, noticed the stand in action, requests were being made for a production design. Park Tool Company came to be!

The product line expanded rapidly to feature a wheel truing stand, additional maintenance stands such as a double arm shop edition, wrenches gauges, fixtures and consumer equipment rapidly joined the business's solutions. The retail store aspect of the company also progressed earning Top 10 Schwinn dealership status 15 years consecutively which includes #1 all-around in 1977. During the early 1980's the three retail stores ended up being sold to pay attention to the tool business.

Their heritage says a great deal about who they are as well as what they do. Park Tool Co. continues to fix problems themselves and they still insist upon a "hands-on" approach to innovation, evaluation, and manufacturing. The staff members carry great pride in creating the very best bike repair equipment on the planet. Since that very first stand, they have now made thousands and thousands more, getting into bicycle stores throughout the world. Ever since the 1st hand tool, they have created tens of millions more and their collection now consists of hundreds of distinct products along with 15 or 20 awesome new products released every year.

In the spring of 2018 Park Tool commemorated their 55th anniversary and relocated into their 4th location, an eighty-thousand square foot facility constructed especially for them. They now carry-out much more production in-house than ever before and their strategies include things like expanding to complete far more of the manufacturing themselves. The newest facility has a graphic and online video studio so that they can increase their internet repair posts and how-to training videos. Park Tool is positioned and prepared for another fifty years of innovation in the bicycle industry!

The original founders Howard and Art, never dreamed in 1963 that Park Tool Company would expand to how large is now, but they don't take their place at the top for granted. Their promise for the future is straight-forward: Create the very best products. Their dedication to that basic principle is stronger than ever before. They create bike repair stands & equipment, it is all they do and they are great at it. Krislynn is honored to supply spin bike tools.

These goods generally include blue in their style and design. Grips are often colored blue even though some products are colored in different ways in order to prevent technicians confusing various equipment of otherwise comparable look. Tool sets, pumps, bicycle maintenance stands all share the unique blue style and design. The official tool of ten of the previous eleven Tour de France champions, Park Tool improves and innovates constantly in bicycle maintenance. They are in fact, the defacto standard for bicycles. Sure, the bicycles get all of the interest, but it is the determination, the amount of time and also the injunuity supplied by Park Tool that will get you moving down the road.