Park Tools-Wheel and Freewheel T


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Oct 25, 2017
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Park Tools-Wheel and Freewheel T

Very simple repairs to the wheels and freewheels can be very time-consuming without the right tools. Park Tools has engineered tools specifically for these tasks, such as the Park Tools Wheel Tools and Park Tool Freewheel tools. Some of the tools carried by Krislynn are: Axle vises, Crank Pullers, freewheel removers, cassette removers, and tire seaters.

Krislynn Fitness recommends getting the right tool for the job, if that job involves wheel tools and freewheel tools, here are some of the other Park Tools that Krislynn carries; Park Tool Spoke Wrenches, tire levers, cone wrenches and sprocket removers. We are confident that our comprehensive selection of Park Tools will cover all your bike repair needs. Please contact us if there is a tool that you do not see.

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