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Removing a Wedge Pin and Cotter Crank from a Schwinn Airdyne

Many times during indoor exerciser and bike repair you must remove cotter or wedge pins from a crank. During this process whether it is a Schwinn® or another type of bike, you can ruin or damage your cycle. If you watch this video on removal of a wedge pin, you will save yourself time and future repair of your cycle. After watching this, if you find you still need parts please see our Airdyne parts page fo original Schwinn parts for your exercise bike.

Removing an ISIS Crank from Indoor Exercise Cycles

During an ISIS crank removal, it is important to use the correct tool to keep your indoor cycle bike operating correctly. Schwinn® evolution and Schwinn® IC Pro indoor bikes use ISIS cranks. Watch this video to safely remove your crank without damage. If you need an ISIS crank tool, please see the Park tool page to find the correct tool for the job.

Removing a Square Taper Crank

During repairs of many bikes, including Lemond®, Schwinn®, Startrac®, or even outdoor mountiain bikes, you may have to remove a crank arm. Please follow this tutorial to remove your crank correctly and save time and money in future cycle bike repairs. This video will also show you how to correctly use your crank arm removal tool. If you need a square crank tool please see our park too page for the correct crank arm removal tool.

The Difference Between Schwinn ISIS and Square Taper Cranks

Please see this video to show you the difference between an ISIS crank and a Square Taper bottom bracket and the correct tools to use.

Working with Chains, Chain Tools, and Other Park Company Tools

If you need to remove a bike chain, whether it is an exerciser chain or a mountain bike chain or a chain from a road bike, please see this video and it will save time and money when performing repairs. If you need a chain tool, see the Park chain tools we have.

Installing a Windscreen

Explains how to install a windscreen onto your Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike.

Installing a Gel Seat Cover on Schwinn Airdyne

Explains how to install a gel seat cover on your Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike.

Installing Grips on Schwinn Airdyne

Explains how to install grips on your Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike

Schwinn Airdyne Connecting Arm Info

Information about the Schwinn Airdyne and Schwinn Airdyne Evolution connecting arm including the replacement parts needed for it and the bearings that it requires. This video also explains the difference between the Airdyne and Airdyne Evolution connecting arm.

Schwinn Airdyne Console Info

Information about the different Schwinn Airdyne consoles, and the parts that are still available for them.

Schwinn Airdyne Pedal Drive Info

Here is some information about the Schwinn Airdyne pedal drive so that you can troubleshoot the problems with your exercise bike. This video explains the different parts of the pedal drive on a Schwinn Airdyne.

Information on Pedals

Information about pedals for both bicycles and spinning bikes, including the Schwinn Airdyne and Airdyne Evolution. This includes how to install pedals onto your exercise bike and information about the difference between the left and right pedal thread.

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