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Schwinn Triple Link pedals at Krislynn

Schwinn Triple Link Pedals

Schwinn Triple Link Pedals are high quality pedals branded by Schwinn for Schwinn Johnny G Spinning® bikes and IC brand indoor cycling and Spinning® bikes. These Pedals also fit most other brands of indoor cycling bikes as well as a large variety of outdoor bikes and bicycles. Triple Link Pedals are manufactured by Schwinn for exercise bikes are much better quality than most SPD pedals and also higher quality than your standard indoor exercise bike pedals.

The difference between standard SPD indoor cycling pedals and Triple Link Pedals is that Triple Link Pedals are made of a high quality, high strength alloy and these can accept both SPD and Look style shoes. People interested in exercising and achieving fitness goals are not always going to have SPD shoes, so the Triple Link Pedals can accomodate a Look cleats for your standard Look pedals and SPD cleats which fit all standard SPD indoor cycling pedals. Triple Links allow for better control when pedaling and can hold your SPD and Look cleats, allowing you to pull up on the pedal during an indoor cycling class. Krislynn provides Triple Link Pedals as well as other Schinn indoor cycling and exercise bike repair parts. Krislynn carries Schwinn brand original OEM parts, so when top enthusiasts perform repairs on their equipment, they are assured to get the best quality. Look online at for all your top quality exercise equipment and bike repair parts. Please keep in mind that Triple Link Pedals are also extremely versatile and have the ability to fit Lemond RevMaster indoor cycling bikes, Star Trac V-Bike, Star Trac Pro Series 5800 & 5900, the Star Trac NXT, and even the Spinner® Pro 6800 & 6900. These indoor cycling pedals are the most universal, high quailty, pedal and the only pedal on the market today that will accept SPD and Look style cleats.

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