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How to use a Park Tool CT-7 Bicycle Chain Tool

The following information was derived from the Park Tool Company instruction Manuals

1/8” and 3/16” bicycle and indoor exercise bike chains are commonly used on track, BMX, and freestyle bicycles. Below are general instructions for using the Park Tool Company CT-7 to separate and assemble bicycle links when sizing, installing, or removing these chains. For chains that use a “master link” system, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for separation and assembly. Use the CT-7 only to add or remove links when sizing the chain.

Note: The Park Tool CT-7 is designed for use with 1/8” and 3/16” chains only. Park Tool CT-2, CT-3, CT-4, or CT-5 should be used for 3/32” derailleur type chains.

Chain Separation:
1. If the chain is installed on the bike, loosen rear wheel axle nuts to relieve chain tension.
2. Place link of the bicycle chain over the primary cradle of tool and center chain tool pin in chain rivet.
3. Turn the handle to force the rivet out the backside of the bicycle chain. Do not press the old rivet completely out the backside of the chain. Only press the rivet enough to allow the bicycle chain to be separated.

Chain Assembly:
1. Place assembled link of the chain over primary cradle of the Park Tool and center the chain tool pin on the chain rivet.
2. Turn handle until rivet is pressed into chain. When properly assembled, an equal amount of rivet should be showing on each side of chain.
3. Remove tool and inspect the bicycle chain link. Because of the extreme pressure needed to assemble a bicycle chain, sometimes a “tight link” develops. If this happens, place link over tight link cradle and turn handle until pin contacts rivet. Turn handle slightly to press on rivet and loosen tight link

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